About Us

About Us

O’Halloran Consultancy provides cancer training and educational resources developed specifically for individuals and teams working within cancer related environments.

Fighting cancer through knowledge…

We were established in 2002 by cancer academic David O’Halloran who recognised a need to improve the delivery of training to oncology professionals including nurses, researchers and therapists.

Passionate about empowering people through learning.We believe that insight and understanding is fundamental for people working in a cancer related field and we’re passionate about cancer.


Whether you’re a manager looking to strengthen the knowledge-base on your team, or an individual working in a cancer related role looking to broaden your understanding, we’ll provide the learning tools you need in a safe, stimulating and convenient environment.

Why is cancer education so vital?

Put simply, the more we all know, the better we can work together.

From gaining rudimentary clinical knowledge to understanding complex oncological terminology – improved cancer education promotes better team cohesion, raises individual confidence around the field and, ultimately, helps everyone play a greater role in the fight against cancer.

Our training courses and webinars are aimed at anyone who would benefit from an enhanced understanding of the field. Our students work in a number of cancer related environments and include:

  • Cancer Nurses
  • Researchers
  • Clinic Support teams
  • MDT Co-ordinators
  • Media and communications professionals working in a cancer related field
  • Cancer auditors
  • Service improvement facilitators
  • Clinical trials staff
  • Cancer data collectors
  • Cancer managers
  • Cancer statisticians


Trusted by leading organisations…

We’re proud to work with a diverse range of trusts, charities and specialist treatment units throughout the UK. We’re an established provider of training and education for organisations including:

  • The National Cancer Registration Service
  • Cancer Research UK
  • CRC Cyrmu, the Wales Cancer Trials Unit
  • NHS Scotland.


3 decades of Oncology experience – David O’Halloran’s professional journey at a glance…

  • David qualified as a radiotherapist in 1987 before working in a clinical role in Amsterdam for 3 years.
  • On return to the UK, he took a student teaching role and rapidly advanced to become a senior lecturer in radiotherapy at the University of Leeds.
  • A recognised authority in cancer education, David is a significant contributor to reference materials and author of “Notes on Anatomy and Oncology”
  • In 2002, David established O’Halloran Consultancy Limited to meet the needs of professionals working in a cancer setting and elevate knowledge in associated fields

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