What will this course cover?

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This course will give you a broad understanding of cancer treatment options, their potential side effects and the complex terminology used. We’ll help you understand:


  • The role of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Targeted therapies in the treatment of cancer
  • The biology underpinning cancer and its treatment.
  • The role of Oncogenes, Tumour Suppressor Genes and DNA repair genes in the formation of cancer and how are understanding helps formulate our treatment options.
  • The Hallmarks of Cancer
  • Common terminology associated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Targeted therapies.
  • The side effects of treatment associated with these cancer treatments.

Who should attend?

Particularly suitable for anyone working with cancer information and data in all formats.

Recent attendees include:

  • Cancer network Directors
  • Cancer data collectors
  • MDT co-ordinators
  • Service improvement facilitators
  • Researchers
  • Audit staff
  • Cancer Research network staff,
  • Cancer Research UK staff
  • Pharmaceutical agency staff
  • Cancer registry staff
  • Independent medical research companies.

How much does it cost?

£250 +VAT per person

£195 +VAT* (in-house) per person (conditions apply)

For more information please contact David O’Halloran

E: do*@oh***********.uk
M: 07736 065811

To discuss the possibility of holding a course like this in your area then feel free to contact us.

 * For in-house courses the cost is conditional on the host to provide the venue and refreshments for the duration of the course.

All London based course command an extra ‘London weighting’ cost. See booking form for more details.

What they say...

Really enjoyed the day and feel more confident when talking about treatment with others, who are often experts. You are obviously an oracle on the topic and this comes through in your teaching! Thanks David.

Jason Poole, Deputy Head of National Cancer Intelligence Network

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