Why Webinars?

Why Webinars?

We deliver our webinars in two key ways to maximise convenience

Live webinars

Learn in real time and enjoy an interactive experience by sending your questions to the speakers during the live broadcast using the ‘chat’ option or in advance via email.

We have a programme of live interactive seminars that you can participate in. Simply click here to view our webinar schedule and book your place.

Recorded webinars

Learn at a time that works best for you or catch up on webinars you’ve missed with our easy to access ‘webinar portal’. Here you’ll find hours of informative and engaging webinars to enjoy whenever and wherever you want to.

Group webinars

If you have a group of colleagues who would be interested in attending a webinar then contact David O’Halloran and we’ll be delighted to arrange this for you.

Group Webinars provide a cost effective way to fulfill all of your CPD requirements and, the bigger the group, the greater the saving. Webinars can be tailored to fit your group dynamic or specific knowledge requirements and each individual in your group will receive a certificate of attendance.

Your professional development, your way. . .

Studying in a relaxed and familiar environment

Learning in your own space means that you’re more likely to feel at ease asking questions and participating in discussion. As a result, e-learning is widely considered to promote improved retention of information.

Supporting your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We’ll track and documents your skills, knowledge and learning and will email you a certificate of attendance after the webinar has ended. This will help you to ensure that you have a permanent and accessible record for your CPD.

What happens if I miss a scheduled webinar?

No problem at all. All of our webinars are recorded and your entrance fee will allow you to access and watch the webinar via our easy-to-use ‘webinar portal’ at a time that’s convenient for you. This also means you can also catch up on our webinars on your mobile device at home, at work or on the move (web connection required).

Key benefits at a glance. . .

  • It’s easy to join in with the webinars by sending your questions to the speakers during the live broadcast using the ‘chat’ option or in advance via email.
  • Improve your knowledge with minimum impact on working hours and no travel expenses to worry about
  • Receive a demonstrable record of achievement
  • Learn at a time and place that suits you
  • Continue your learning experience wherever you are, even when you’re working in a different time zone

What next?. . .

Getting started couldn’t be easier:

Click here to view our webinar schedule and to register please follow this link

Click here get some helpful hints for webinars

Or visit the O’Halloran Consultancy Webex site

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