Introduction to Cancer<br /> Anatomy, Biology and Treatments Course

Introduction to Cancer
Anatomy, Biology and Treatments Course

About the course


David is invited to run this course twice a year by the School of Oncology, at the world famous Christie Cancer Centre in Manchester.

Recently rated highest for best presenter, best programme and best course with the former National Cancer Research Network (Northern Region).

This excellent course which has run successfully for many years with the former National Cancer Research Network, is now available to all those working in the cancer field.

What will this course explain?

This course aims to give students a sound foundation of knowledge of cancer biology and treatments and is designed to help you understand:

  • Why cancer can be found in many places of the body
  • Why knowledge of different cell types helps to identify where certain types of cancer are more likely
  • Why cancer has the ability to move and grow away from the primary site of origin
  • The methods of spread such as local invasion, lymphatic and blood spread, seeding and transcoelomic spread
  • How disease progression will influence patient management
  • How tumours can be classified with specific consideration of staging and grading systems
  • What the likely treatment options are for a patient with cancer
  • Anatomy and oncology related to specific tumour sites

For more information including course costs please contact David O’Halloran

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E: do*@oh***********.uk

M: 07736 065811.

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* For in-house courses the cost is conditional on the host to provide the venue and refreshments for the duration of the course.

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What they say...

David is a fantastic teacher and his courses are a standard part of our new starter training at Cancer Research UK for a whole range of our public health teams. He's covered everything from cancer biology to diagnosis and treatment with great style and endless knowledge. His courses give a great overview that will help you make sense of the complicated world of cancer care.

Matt Wickenden, Cancer Intelligence Manager, Cancer Research UK

A really comprehensive yet easy to grasp course which gives attendees the confidence to talk about cancer in greater depth.

Ed Fuller, Local Influencing Assistant, Cancer Research UK

Regarding the course, I will endorse this highly to colleagues considering this in the future at both our charity and others. Brilliant course, many thanks.

Georgina Kaim, Local Engagement Manager, Cancer Research UK

A very good course. Very relevant information, clearly explained and well delivered - good use of humour and genuine attempts to answer all questions as fully and clearly as possible, even if they were slightly off topic. A very enjoyable day.

Andrew Wilson, Research Engagement Manager, Cancer Research UK

I thought this was a great course! It was fast paced, challenging and really informative. I came away feeling like I had learned a lot in a short space of time and I'm sure it will be put to use as soon as I am back in the office. Totally recommend.

Kimberley Rowley, Regional Campaigns Senior Officer, Cancer Research UK

I did not expect to be totally engrossed with all aspects of the day as I much as I was. David made what could have been quite a heavy and intense day very enjoyable.

Marie Gardner, Modernisation Manager, South East Scotland Cancer Network (SCAN)

Thank you David for a wonderful course - it was worth the wait, and was everything my colleagues had built it up to be.

Stephen Jones, Regional Education Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust

I felt everyone in the room got a lot out of it, it was pitched at the right level for all trainees, even though we all come from different area's in CRUK. from the nurses to PHD's. Great course, I will be recommending it to everyone and I'll hopefully sign up for one of your Webinars.

Christine Campbell, Cancer Awareness Nurse, Cancer Research UK

Thank you David, it was an excellent workshop which I felt privileged to attend. I learnt so much which I'm sure I am going to find very useful.

Liz Gould, Infographics Designer, Cancer Research UK

The course was one of the most engaging and interesting courses I've ever been on, largely down to the imagination and creativity of the trainer. Dave makes complex science fun and memorable and has the ability to engage everyone in the room, really capturing the imagination of the entire room. also, very patient when answering questions and ensures everyone is given time to speak.

Ceri Eames, Cancer Awareness Nurse Manager, Cancer Research UK

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