Anatomy and Oncology for Non-Clinicians

Anatomy and Oncology for Non-Clinicians

What will this course cover?

The roles and responsibilities for those engaged in the collection and collation of cancer data are changing. This means that they will require
extended knowledge of cancer as a disease, it’s coding and morphology and treatment modalities.

This three-day anatomy and oncology course is designed to cover the development of cancer. It covers cell and cancer biology and also gives students a clearer understanding of cancer terminology.

Who should attend?

Particularly suitable for anyone working with cancer information and data in all formats.

Recent attendees include:

  • Cancer network Directors
  • Cancer data collectors
  • MDT co-ordinators
  • Service improvement facilitators
  • Researchers
  • Audit staff
  • Cancer Research network staff,
  • Cancer Research UK staff
  • Pharmaceutical agency staff
  • Cancer registry staff
  • Independent medical research companies.

How much does it cost?

£500 +VAT per person

£375 +VAT* (in-house) per person (conditions apply)

For more information please contact David O’Halloran

E: do*@oh***********.uk
M: 07736 065811.

To discuss the possibility of holding a course like this in your area then feel free to contact us.

* For in-house courses the cost is conditional on the host to provide the venue and refreshments for the duration of the course.

All London based course command an extra ‘London weighting’ cost. See booking form for more details.

What they say...

David has delivered introduction to cancer courses for The Christie and Northern Cancer Research Network for several years. He is highly regarded and delegates praise his passionate, enthusiastic approach to teaching and ability to break highly complex ideas into practical terms. David is always welcome at The Christie as a member of our teaching faculty

Rob Boyle, Deputy Education Business Manager at The Christie

I really enjoyed this course. It was all interesting and delivered in a great way, it kept my attention and helped me to understand. I think it was brilliant. Thank you.

Katie Stalley, Cancer Registration Officer, ECRIC

Excellent course. The way in which David delivered the information made it easy to understand. The course has definitely increased my knowledge of cancer. The information learned has, and will be used daily in my current role.

Laura Allan, Cancer Audit Facilitator, Scotland

An excellent course, immediately apparent that it has been refined and honed with a great deal of thought and care, not only as to what needs to be covered, but also expertly catered towards what clinicians need to take away.

Josh Houghton, Liverpool

Learning both treatment strategies and prognoses for the cancers my degree had left unmentioned. The excellent explanations of staging and grading, then relating these to cancer examples reinforced these, beforehand, bizarre and technical terms to extremely understandable scales against cell stages. The additional depth of knowledge divided regionally has provided an amazing overview.

Josh Houghton, Liverpool

David is a superb and very gifted educator and I'm sure a great many people would benefit from attending one of his courses.

Martin King, Senior Registration Officer, Oxford

All parts of this course were useful in reinforcing the knowledge I already have and also introducing me to areas I have yet to cover. Great basic introduction to Haematology and made it less 'scary' looking!

Jacqui Napier, Tumour Verification Officer, Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

Thanks for a very interesting, well laid out, informative and relevant course. Presented extremely well, in a friendly but professional manner which was engaging to the participants. Very interactive....although not so sure about the tests!!

Julie McConnell, Tumour Verification Officer, Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

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