10 signs that you need to improve your cancer knowledge

10 signs that you need to improve your cancer knowledge

10 signs that you need to improve your cancer knowledge

As a specialist in cancer education and training, I am a regular visitor to the Christie Hospital School of Oncology, cancer charities, NHS cancer services, cancer registries and pharmaceutical companies amongst others. I deliver cancer training to a host of individuals from a variety of roles and backgrounds: MDT coordinators, clinical coders, pharmacy technicians, occupational therapists, radiographers, medical liaison officers, data management, nurses, statisticians, clinical trials personnel, pharmaceutical employees, rehabilitation services, and many more.

Invariably, CONFIDENCE is the one thing that people take away from my study days. Of course, they learn about cancer and cancer terminology, however, more importantly, they become more confident when talking to patients, who demand that their cancer knowledge is good. They become more confident when talking to other health care professionals, interpreting reports, clinical trial protocols and reading case notes.

They build CONFIDENCE through acquiring and consolidating their cancer knowledge, and we all need to do that. There is so much to learn with Google and Wikipedia only taking you so far. It is necessary to have someone to take you through it, with useful analogies and humour. Someone who can knit all the pieces together and allow you to understand why things are the way they are.

Take a look at the list below. If you can tick even one of these, maybe all of them, then you might want to think about how you can improve your cancer knowledge and thereby improve your CONFIDENCE.

Signs that you should consolidate your cancer knowledge

  1. You think Carcinoma is a general term for cancer
  2. You think ‘in-situ’ means pre-cancerous
  3. You think ‘well differentiated’ refers to an aggressive tumour
  4. You think HER2 positivity means that only the cancer cell has HER2
  5. You think that grading refers to the size of a tumour
  6. You think that cancer is an incurable disease
  7. You think that smoking causes lung cancer
  8. You think that chemotherapy is the last chance saloon
  9. You think that immunotherapy is the cure for cancer
  10. You think that Malignant Melanoma is a fatal type of cancer


Take a look at my webinar schedule and my website to find out how I can help you and your team improve your cancer knowledge and confidence. Or you can email me at do*@oh***********.uk for more information.


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