A ‘short’ Introduction to Cancer

A ‘short’ Introduction to Cancer

A ‘short’ Introduction to Cancer

A 2 hour session outlining lots of cancer terminology. Leeds 27th July

I recently ran a brief session about cancer for a large group of MDT coordinators and cancer managers over at Salford Royal. A very short session, only 2 hours long, but we covered a lot of stuff. The session went so well that I have decided to roll it out for others.


A ‘short’ Introduction to Canceris designed to give enough information but will not take up the whole day. It is ideal for those who are new to cancer, or indeed want to consolidate and verify information they already know.


A ‘short’ Introduction to Cancer

27th July, 2018

10am – 12.30



Who should attend? Well…anyone who deals with cancer information, data and patients. It is ideal for MDT coordinators, clinical coders, clinical trial staff and cancer nurses. Those working for cancer charities will find it ideal and patient representatives will gain a lot from the session.


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So please circulate amongst your contacts. And I am very happy to discuss any details further, just give me a call, 07736065811, or email me doh@ohconsultancy.co.uk

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