Cancer Training at NCRAS

Cancer Training at NCRAS

Cancer Training at NCRAS

I recently delivered cancer training to the National Cancer Registration & Analysis Services (NCRAS)at the offices in West Dean, nr Salisbury. Three, intensive and very rewarding days teaching Cancer Registration staff about cancer biology, staging, grading and metastasis.

NCRAS is part of the NCIN, a UK-wide initiative, working to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by improving and using the information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research. Responsible for collecting, quality assuring, evaluating and analysing cancer data, it is imperative that they have a sound knowledge about cancer.

I am proud, and priviledged, to have been teaching cancer to the registration service of the UK & Ireland for over 20 years. And I continue to be impressed by their enthusiasm and dedication to their work.

This three day Anatomy & Oncology course introduced the rgistry staff to a lot of cancer knowledge and terminology. Day one focusses the fundamentals of cancer and cancer biology. In particular we focussed on the charactersitics that cancer cells have whioh allow them to metastasise.

With these building blocks in place, we were able to concentrate on various tumour specific sites during days two and three. Leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer and others were all covered in detail, allowing the registry staff to get a very good all round understanding of this disease.

It wasn’t all work…actually it was, but we had a lot of fun doing loads of learning reinforcement exercises (they kept calling them tests, but I was insistent on the name!), to help consolidate what we had learned. All in all a brilliant three days.

Here’s a snippet of what they thought about the course.

“I found all of the Course content interesting and informative. Each topic covered was delivered in an interesting and thought-provoking way, which made the challenging subject matter more easy to absorb.” C Allen

“I thought the course was well run and very well presented in a very good atmosphere” C Thompson

So really pleased with how things went. I will be teaching more cancer registration staff at the end of November in Leeds and can guarantee that we will have another great course.

And by the way, I managed to see the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral and take a visit to Stonehenge…both magnificent.

Give me a call or email if you feel your staff could benefit from my courses and webinars.

’till next time


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