Improving cancer knowledge with the Introduction to Cancer, March 19 – Evaluations

Improving cancer knowledge with the Introduction to Cancer, March 19 – Evaluations

Improving cancer knowledge with the Introduction to Cancer, March 19 – Evaluations

Introduction to Cancer, 27th-28th March 2019, Christie Hospital. Very pleased to present these results from a recent evaluation of my Introduction to Cancer course at the Christie Hospital in Manchester attended by nurses, doctors, researcher, administrative staff, clinical trials staff, insurance and pharmaceutical staff and others.


What level of subject knowledge did you have before the event and what level of knowledge do you feel you have now?


“This was an amazing course. I cannot express this enough. All of the examples given over the two days really helped me understand things which I previously wasn’t able to grasp. To cover such a wide range of subtopics in over two days is impressive and what’s even more impressive is that David was able to cover all of these topics and not leave me feeling baffled and lost. So thank you, I have left the course feeling more confident in my understanding. I’m sad it is already over! I look forward to follow David’s future lectures.”


I am so pleased with this. To see evidence that all attendees felt they had moved on in their learning really gives me a buzz. That is why I do it. I really feel that if people improve their cancer knowledge it will make them better at their jobs, it will make them more confident when talking to patients and their relatives, it will make them confident in reading research protocols and patient notes and it will make them confident in talking to other health care professionals, making the team work better and be more efficient. Remember YOUR cancer knowledge is MY priority.


How would you rate the course facilitator?

8% Good 92 % Excellent.

Always good to have people rate you well in your work and is testament to the thought I put into designing my courses and how to get the best out of everyone attending.

What are the 3 most important elements from the course that you will take back to your workplace?

Increased cancer knowledge, better understanding, confidence.

This is a recurring theme. I know that my courses will increase knowledge, understanding and confidence, but to have if verified and supported by these evaluations is fantastic. Doesn’t everyone want to improve their knowledge of cancer, gain a better understanding of why and how it does what it does and with that, have the confidence to talk about cancer in this knowledgeable way to patients and others alike. If I can achieve that, I have helped provide better care for cancer patients through those that attend my courses, and that makes me proud.

“I work in the Clinical Trials department, so it was really useful learning more about what genes are found as these are the types of things that I come across every day and I never really understood why certain cancers looked for certain genes”


87% felt they would change their working practice.

“I feel much more confident discussing treatment options when patients ask why they are on a particular regime but someone else might be receiving something different although they appear to have a similar diagnosis


100% of delegates said they would recommend the course

  • Definitely, it was exactly what I needed and has really helped me in my development.
  • Especially to final year medical students with an interest in oncology
  • I would highly recommend this course.


The fact that those attending will go back to their workplace and change their practice as a result of the things we discussed is just amazing. That is the power of a well thought out, well-constructed learning opportunity. One where people feel comfortable in asking questions and one which takes their learning style and previous level of knowledge into account. My courses do not happen by accident. They have formed through 30 years of trial and error. They are not perfect, and I continue to work on ways to improve, and I am dedicated to providing a learning environment that provide relevant material, is informative and challenging in a way that takes you into account, that is safe, friendly and sometimes fun!


“Before I started this course, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t understand all of the terminology and that a lot of the information would go over my head but David explained things in a way that made it stick and was easier to remember. It is a really heavy thing to go over for two days as well but David kept things light at times whilst still explaining things we needed to know, this made the process a lot more enjoyable and because of the way things were explained and demonstrated I am likely to remember this more than just reading through it or if someone just explained it to me. I really enjoyed the two days and feel like I have learnt a lot in such a short space of time.”

“… it was an amazing course. David’s ability to take a complex subject and cover so much in two days without leaving us confused is amazing. He was approachable and his knowledge of oncology is outstanding and has inspired me to carry out further reading.”

“I can only praise David highly, on the excellence of his training and for really helping me understand cancer. He is a brilliant teacher and I hope to attend further events in the future.”

“Good content good pace, comfortable environment to ask questions, but also discuss questions with in the table/group. Very positive no forced groups which actually helped to support a more relaxed and fluid networking opportunity for people.”


Contact me to see how my course and webinars can help improve the cancer knowledge, understanding and confidence in your staff. My courses can be tailored to your needs and requirements. You can find out about the types of work I do at my website or email me (do*@oh***********.uk) .


Please do share and I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.


‘til next time



David has 30 years of experience teaching about cancer. His engaging style has benefited many from the NHS, Cancer charities, Pharmaceutical companies and many others to better understand cancer as a disease


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