Excellent Testimonial

Excellent Testimonial

Excellent Testimonial

Always great to get good feedback

“I am a Clinical Psychologist and have worked in physical health for many years but it has been quite some time since I last worked in the cancer field. I have retuned to the specialty in the last 6 months and your Webinars came highly recommended by Clinical Psychology colleagues. I have attended several of your webinars so far and I cannot recommend them enough. Obviously as a non-medic I do not need to know all of the medical detail of diagnoses etc but a good level of understanding is required. Your webinars provide an excellent grounding in the essentials and are so accessible due to your presentation style and the approachable manner in which you teach. I am sure there are many people from a broad range of professional backgrounds who will benefit as I have from your webinars. I very much like the ‘bitesize’ element of the webinars too as this means I can complete them at a sensible pace, building on my knowledge as I go and as I gain more clinical experience in the work. I wanted to let you know how useful these webinars have been and thank you for providing something that would otherwise have been a huge gap for me in my knowledge and understanding of many aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatments! Keep up the good work!”

Dr Katie Hatton, Clinical Psychologist

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