Feedback from Recent A&O course

Feedback from Recent A&O course

Feedback from Recent A&O course

Just thought I would share this feedback that I received from a recent Anatomy & Oncology course.

I recently delivered my 3-day Anatomy & Oncology course for non clinicians in Leeds. A mix of people, some from the cancer registry, some from a Scottish Cancer Network and a clinical psychologist. There was much discussion and lots of learning. Here’s what they have been saying about the course they attended…

“The whole course was really interesting and enjoyable. All the content was presented in a really accessible and understandable way, which given the complexity of the information covered and the range of professional backgrounds in the room, really highlights the quality of the course David provided. Thank you!”


“Thank you so much for putting on such a great course – I have raved about it to my colleagues.”


“Having the opportunity to ask questions at any point was extremely helpful. I also found it useful to know the background behind the various treatments. It was particularly moving to hear of everyone’s personal stories – as someone involved in cancer registration this helped to remind me that I am doing something beyond filling in a computer screen”


“Overall I thought the course was a very worthwhile learning experience, David’s approach to teaching was key for this. I found David a very engaging presenter who showed a clear passion for what he teaches. His use of examples also proved to be a very effective tool. This is one of the most engaging and interactive learning experiences I have been involved with.”


“…I have been to many, many courses, conferences and talks over my 3 decades in medicine and yours has gone to the no 1 slot. Your knowledge and passion, and enviable way of teaching comes across in the first 10 minutes and you sustained that for 3 days…keep doing what you are doing.”


I can’t really ask for better feedback. Email me if you want to get access to this type of high quality cancer education and training.

Remember…YOUR cancer knowledge is my PRIORITY!

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