Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Read on to find out whats coming your way

Webinars. Lots of webinars to start your year, here are some examples
Wednesday 9th – Metastasis Explained.
Monday 14th – Staging & Grading
Wednesday 16th – Breast Cancer

More webinars, but also Introduction to Cancer in Birmingham.
Monday 8th – Cancer demystified
Monday 18th – Chemotherapy explained
Wednesday 20th – Introduction to Radiotherapy
Friday 22nd – Introduction to Cancer study day, Birmingham

Even more webinar, and remember these are just a selection!
Monday 18th – Breast Cancer
Wednesday 20th – Lung Cancer

Lots more webinars and lots more courses to be had over the next year. Find out more about the webinars here and more about what courses are coming your way here

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